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Probiotics in CleanTech

Dr. Pillai, a highly renowned authority on Probiotics, has graciously agreed to enlighten us on ‘Probiotics in Cleantech’.  We all know Probiotics: these are helpful micro-organisms that help various animal processes.  Our knowledge and awareness (OK, mine!  Let me just speak for myself here) of probiotics has been limited to the supplements and other health […]

PuneCleanTech Workshop: Pune Mirror Coverage

Shweta Kapur, a Pune Mirror reporter, was gracious enough to attend the recently concluded PuneCleanTech workshop on June 25th and wrote an interesting piece on it.  And yes, Prashant Savardekar from Cleantech systems has really developed a cow-washing machine!

Solar House Decathlon in Europe

A bunch of universities and other organizations across the globe participated in 2010 Solar Decathlon in Europe, coming up with some stunning designs for solar-powered houses.  For all you architecture buffs (and the CleanTechies, of course), check out the innovative designs, shapes etc.  I remember that some team(s) from India had also participated but don’t […]

World Energy Statistics

“Did they, did they not?” “Will they, will they not?” “Should they, should they not?” You can’t really trust BP these days but on this one, i think we should. BP just published a statistical review of world energy (mostly conventional).  A few highlights (or lowlights, depending on your outlook): – Energy consumption in emerging […]

PuneCleanTech Entrepreneur Workshop Presenters List

The following entrepreneurs and companies have been chosen to present at the upcoming Pune CleanTech Entrepreneur Workshop, to be held on June 25th.  These companies are chosen based on the fact that they have already moved beyond an ‘idea’ stage.  There are a few more entrepreneurs who are at ‘idea’ stage, who will also be […]