CleanTech Entrepreneur Workshop

PuneCleanTech and MCCIA (Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture) are proud to bring the first-of-its-kind ‘CleanTech Entrepreneur Workshop‘ to Pune on June 25.  This is organized by New Ventures India (NVI), which is a joint initiative of CII-Godrej Green Business Center (CIIGBC) and World Resources Institute (WRI) in Washington DC, set up with the singular mission to accelerate growth of Clean/Green Businesses in India.  NVI is supported by USAID, British High Commission, USDoS, and Citi Foundation.

Having organized such workshops in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, NVI has now set its sights on Pune, an emerging hub of CleanTech Entrepreneurship.  In this workshop, both emerging and established CleanTech companies will be able to network with other entrepreneurs, companies, mentors, managers, investors, service providers and other CleanTech enthusiasts.  But the main aim of this workshop is to get CleanTech entrepreneurs good mentorship from eminent and experienced business leaders.  A few selected companies will even get to present themselves at NVI’s annual conference in November, attended by all major investors in India and abroad.  More details are available in this nicely downloadable poster.  Please feel free to forward the poster or paste it offline at appropriate places.

This event is FREE to attendees but it’s strictly BY INVITATION ONLY.  To keep the quality of the event high and focused, the event is restricted to 10-15 companies.  You will need to apply to attend and the organizers will try their best to accommodate you.  If you are a manager, service provider, business leader with a passion for mentoring or an expert who wants to explore cleantech co-traveller opportunities, you are encouraged to apply as well.  The last date for application is May 31st, 2010.

For further details, please contact: Anil Paranjape (amparanjape*at*#gmail#*dot*$com$)


  1. I am semi retired having spent almost 20 years in environmental & safety fields. Can become a mentor but let me wait & watch,
    Ramesh Ukidve
    cell 09370650071

  2. It is high time that all those concerned with maintaining cleaner & greener environment, come together & get on to assist the manufacturing sector for specific process improvements, alterations, modifications etc which will directly reduce emissions and also help conserve energy. This be undertaken as a mission by all those who can spare time for it. I am one willing to give my time and energy even for any ongoing project as a volunteer in any capacity.

  3. Anil,
    Count me in, let me know the venue & time,

  4. I will be glad to join the CleanTech Entrepreneur Workshop‘ in Pune on June 25. To enable you to decide if you would like to invite me to the workshop, please visit:

    I thank you for inviting me to the very interesting talk today which gave me an opportunity to meet some of you.

    You are doing an important work in advancing the cause of Clean Technology, by setting up this forum/platform.

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