World Energy Statistics

“Did they, did they not?”

“Will they, will they not?”

“Should they, should they not?”

You can’t really trust BP these days but on this one, i think we should.

BP just published a statistical review of world energy (mostly conventional).  A few highlights (or lowlights, depending on your outlook):

– Energy consumption in emerging markets rose much faster than GDP growth.  In developed markets, it was reverse

– The world’s largest increase in oil production came from the US, mainly from the Gulf of Mexico: put this in perspective when you view the oil spill!

– World primary energy consumption FELL 1.1%, the first decline since 1982.  (that doesn’t mean we were smarter, just poorer due to recession :-)

– World oil production declined by 2.6%, mainly due to OPEC cuts (7%), partially offset by US production increase (7%)

– Natural gas production declined by 2.1%, the FIRST decline ever!

– Coal’s share of world energy consumption was 30%, the LARGEST since 1970 :-(

– Hydro was suddenly the fastest growing major fuel last year, which is both good/bad overall.

– Prices of all fuels fell sharply, although i don’t really feel it where i sit.

PuneCleanTech Entrepreneur Workshop Presenters List

The following entrepreneurs and companies have been chosen to present at the upcoming Pune CleanTech Entrepreneur Workshop, to be held on June 25th.  These companies are chosen based on the fact that they have already moved beyond an ‘idea’ stage.  There are a few more entrepreneurs who are at ‘idea’ stage, who will also be invited to the workshop.  That list will be published separately.

Please note that the actual time slots and duration of presentation will be communicated to these entrepreneurs in a couple of days.  Congratulations!  We’re all excited to hear more about your CleanTech Ventures.

1 First Name Last Name Company Name Website Stage Brief
2 Ram Kurode EcoAxisSystems Pvt Ltd Pilot Done ESCO and Remote Monitoring of CDM Projects
3 Chetan Kumar TBD Prototype Done Novel Wind Energy System
4 Indrajeet Dudile EcoLogic Consultancy Concept Proven Environmental Management Consultancy
5 Vijay Khuspe SmartLeaven Energy Systems pvt. Ltd Generating Revenue Solar and Wind Energy Based Products and Solutions Engineering
6 Ajit Apte Transparent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Generating Profit Cleantech Engineering Solutions
7 Anjan Mukherjee HyCa Technologies Pvt Ltd Generating Revenue Cleantech Solutions for Fluid-Handling applications
8 Tarang Patel Hi Hill Technologies Prototype Done Automatic flow controllers for irrigation applications
9 Hariharan PV AGRO-BIOGENICS link Prototype Done Biomass-based Power
10 Pankaj Jha Cummins Generating Profit Biodiesel
11 Shrirang Chandekar LeanWay Energy Pvt Ltd Pilot Done Rural and Off-Grid Electrification
12 Anagha Paranjpe – Purohit VK:e environmental Generating Revenue Sustainable Architecture and Consulting
13 Chirag Pungaliya Sunbeam Generating Profit Solar Water Heaters
14 Shishir Athale Sudnya Industrial Services Pvt Ltd Generating Revenue Energy Services Company
15 Rajat Gupta Promethean Power Systems Prototype Done Solar Refrigeration for off-grid and rural applications
16 PRASHANT SAVARDEKAR CLEANTECH SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED Concept Proven Component Washing Machines using CleanTech
17 Priyanka Bakaya PK Clean Prototype Done Waste to Energy Conversion
18 Arvind Mandayam Amplebit Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Generating Revenue Energy Services Company
19 Tiger Aster Toro GreenTech India Generating Revenue Solar based Air-Conditioners
20 Anagha Gajare Zeus Grid Prototype Done Energy Monitoring and Smart Grid Solutions Manufacturer

25 Startups for under Rs. 10Lakh each

Excellent article in the latest Outlook Money.  Has a couple of CleanTech and Energy startups as well.  Well worth the read.

Energy Efficiency: Opportunities and Challenges

The new gee-whiz technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal, biofuels et cetera take all the limelight these days.  But the fact remains that they are still a miniscule part of our energy mix and will remain so for the foreseeable future.  A far bigger opportunity, however, exists all around us.  There is enormous potential for making the conventional energy generation, distribution, storage and utilization much more efficient than what it is.

What is this opportunity?  Where is it?  How does one find it?  How big is it?  What can be done about it?  How can it be addressed?  Does anyone address it today?  How do they do it?  What qualifications do they need to do it?

We’re fortunate to have Mr. Shishir Athale enlighten us on all these questions on June 5th, 11am at the NCL Venture Center (June 5th is also the Environment Day, a fitting coincidence!).  Shishir is one of those very few intrepid entrepreneurs, who have the guts to get into this very tough market, where he has been painstaking building his company called Sudnya Industrial Services.  Sudnya is an ESCO (Energy Services Company) which identifies energy efficiency improvement opportunities for clients, often putting their own money on the line, getting paid only if those savings materialize (now you know why this business is not for the faint-hearted!)  Besides guts, this business also needs a rare mix of capabilities: engineering, project planning, management, finance, marketing all rolled into one.  It will be exhilarating walking Shishir’s journey (while safely holding his hand :-) on this tough trail.

Before Sudnya, Shishir spent many years at Thermax and other companies, getting trained on many engineering skills in heat and co-generation fields that ultimately culminated into Sudnya.  Before Thermax, he managed plants for CPG companies where he often implemented energy saving projects, sometimes achieving 25% energy savings.

Shishir is well recognized as a trainer for energy managers by none other than FICCI.  He was on CII’s sub-committees on Cogeneration and Energy End-use Efficiency and on an MNES Committee for evolving a National Policy on Bio-mass Based Cogeneration.  He is a qualified Lead Assessor for ISO 9000 certification and has undergone training in India and abroad.  He qualified as a Certified Energy Auditor in the first examination conducted by the BEE in 2004.

Shishir is a graduate in Chemical Technology and now resides in Pune.

As always, seating is limited, no reservations and strictly on a first-come, first-seated basis.

See you on the 5th, 11am, at the NCL Venture Center

CleanTech Entrepreneur Workshop

PuneCleanTech and MCCIA (Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture) are proud to bring the first-of-its-kind ‘CleanTech Entrepreneur Workshop‘ to Pune on June 25.  This is organized by New Ventures India (NVI), which is a joint initiative of CII-Godrej Green Business Center (CIIGBC) and World Resources Institute (WRI) in Washington DC, set up with the singular mission to accelerate growth of Clean/Green Businesses in India.  NVI is supported by USAID, British High Commission, USDoS, and Citi Foundation.

Having organized such workshops in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, NVI has now set its sights on Pune, an emerging hub of CleanTech Entrepreneurship.  In this workshop, both emerging and established CleanTech companies will be able to network with other entrepreneurs, companies, mentors, managers, investors, service providers and other CleanTech enthusiasts.  But the main aim of this workshop is to get CleanTech entrepreneurs good mentorship from eminent and experienced business leaders.  A few selected companies will even get to present themselves at NVI’s annual conference in November, attended by all major investors in India and abroad.  More details are available in this nicely downloadable poster.  Please feel free to forward the poster or paste it offline at appropriate places.

This event is FREE to attendees but it’s strictly BY INVITATION ONLY.  To keep the quality of the event high and focused, the event is restricted to 10-15 companies.  You will need to apply to attend and the organizers will try their best to accommodate you.  If you are a manager, service provider, business leader with a passion for mentoring or an expert who wants to explore cleantech co-traveller opportunities, you are encouraged to apply as well.  The last date for application is May 31st, 2010.

For further details, please contact: Anil Paranjape (amparanjape*at*#gmail#*dot*$com$)

Praj Industries Wins The Prestigious CleanTech Forum Award

Pune’s Praj Industries has won the prestigious CleanTech Forum award for this year, which is a global award given to companies with world-leading cleantech technologies and which show exceptional returns on investment.  Praj won this honor for its Biofuels technology.

More about this at Cleantech Forum

Hearty Congratulations, Praj!

“What The Heck is CleanTech?” with Dr. Balu Sarma, CTO Praj Matrix – April 17

We’re happy to announce that the kickoff presentation of PuneCleanTech will be by Dr. Balu Sarma (President and CTO of Praj Matrix, the world-class R&D initiative of Praj Industries) on Saturday, 17th April at 10am. We are indeed very fortunate to have an eminent technocrat like Dr. Sarma kickoff this new forum, enlightening us about all things CleanTech (and biofuels in particular). For some background about Praj Matrix, see this PuneTech report from last year.

PuneCleanTech imageIf Information Technology helped Indian Economy soar, CleanTech can push it to stratospheric heights. World over, CleanTech has already replaced IT as ‘Tomorrow’s Technology’. It’s the next big wave. But what is it really? What’s driving CleanTech to be billed as ‘bigger than IT, Bigger than Internet, Bigger than anything the world has seen’? What do esoteric terms such as Biofuels, Geothermal, Reverse Osmosis, Algal Fuels, Passive Solar, PhotoVoltaics really mean? What are the advantages of these technologies? Which of them are relevant to India? Why? And finally, why should we really care about it all?

Come listen to Dr. Balu Sarma answer all these questions and more. Confirm what you know. Understand what you don’t. Meet other CleanTech enthusiasts. Ask Questions. Get Answers. Be Informed. It’s our future we will be talking about!

When: Saturday, April 17th, 10am
Where: Venture Center, NCL Innovation Park, Pashan Road. Map: (To reach Venture Center, go past NCL towards Pashan, pass the cricket ground adjacent to NCL and then youâll find NCL Innovation Park / Venture Center on the right hand side.)
Registration and Fees: This event is free for all to attend. Free seating on First Come, First Seated basis only
Further Info: Contact Harshad Nanal (, Anil Paranjape (

About PuneCleanTech

PuneCleanTech is a special interest group of PuneTech focusing on Clean Technologies. It is an awareness, education, and networking platform to showcase Clean Technologies developed and used in and around Pune, one of the largest Industrial hubs in India. The network brings together technology professionals, entrepreneurs, students, policy makers, investors, and citizens interested in Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Waste management, Water Management, and Environmentally-Friendly Design/Development/Delivery Alternatives to Traditional Products and Services. PuneCleanTech is run by Harshad Nanal (, Anil Paranjape (

with support from PuneTech and NCL Venture Center.

About NCL Venture Center

Venture Center – a CSIR initiative – is a not-for-profit company hosted by the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. Venture Center strives to nucleate and nurture technology and knowledge-based enterprises by leveraging the scientific and engineering competencies of the institutions in the Pune region in India. The Venture Center is a technology business incubator specializing in technology enterprises offering products and services exploiting scientific expertise in the areas of materials, chemicals and biological sciences & engineering.