PuneCleanTech Entrepreneur Workshop Presenters List

The following entrepreneurs and companies have been chosen to present at the upcoming Pune CleanTech Entrepreneur Workshop, to be held on June 25th.  These companies are chosen based on the fact that they have already moved beyond an ‘idea’ stage.  There are a few more entrepreneurs who are at ‘idea’ stage, who will also be invited to the workshop.  That list will be published separately.

Please note that the actual time slots and duration of presentation will be communicated to these entrepreneurs in a couple of days.  Congratulations!  We’re all excited to hear more about your CleanTech Ventures.

1 First Name Last Name Company Name Website Stage Brief
2 Ram Kurode EcoAxisSystems Pvt Ltd www.ecoaxisindia.com Pilot Done ESCO and Remote Monitoring of CDM Projects
3 Chetan Kumar TBD Prototype Done Novel Wind Energy System
4 Indrajeet Dudile EcoLogic Consultancy www.ecologicconsultancy.in Concept Proven Environmental Management Consultancy
5 Vijay Khuspe SmartLeaven Energy Systems pvt. Ltd Generating Revenue Solar and Wind Energy Based Products and Solutions Engineering
6 Ajit Apte Transparent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. www.ttpl.co.in Generating Profit Cleantech Engineering Solutions
7 Anjan Mukherjee HyCa Technologies Pvt Ltd www.hycator.com Generating Revenue Cleantech Solutions for Fluid-Handling applications
8 Tarang Patel Hi Hill Technologies Prototype Done Automatic flow controllers for irrigation applications
9 Hariharan PV AGRO-BIOGENICS link Prototype Done Biomass-based Power
10 Pankaj Jha Cummins Generating Profit Biodiesel
11 Shrirang Chandekar LeanWay Energy Pvt Ltd www.leanwayenergy.com Pilot Done Rural and Off-Grid Electrification
12 Anagha Paranjpe – Purohit VK:e environmental http://www.vke-environmental.com/ Generating Revenue Sustainable Architecture and Consulting
13 Chirag Pungaliya Sunbeam www.sunbeam.net Generating Profit Solar Water Heaters
14 Shishir Athale Sudnya Industrial Services Pvt Ltd http://www.sudnya.com Generating Revenue Energy Services Company
15 Rajat Gupta Promethean Power Systems http://www.coolectrica.com/ Prototype Done Solar Refrigeration for off-grid and rural applications
16 PRASHANT SAVARDEKAR CLEANTECH SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED www.cleantech-products.com Concept Proven Component Washing Machines using CleanTech
17 Priyanka Bakaya PK Clean www.pkclean.com Prototype Done Waste to Energy Conversion
18 Arvind Mandayam Amplebit Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Generating Revenue Energy Services Company
19 Tiger Aster Toro GreenTech India www.torogreentech.com Generating Revenue Solar based Air-Conditioners
20 Anagha Gajare Zeus Grid Prototype Done Energy Monitoring and Smart Grid Solutions Manufacturer

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