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InEnCy – The Energy Efficiency Business Plan Contest

IndiaCo Advisors, a Pune-based investment management firm has announced InEnCy, a business plan competition focusing on energy efficiency. Here is the pitch: Energy efficiency, a prime factor in India’s economic growth and sustenance, requires innovative ideas converging into practice. For the purpose of promoting Energy Efficiency ideas into viable business, IndiaCo Advisors Pvt. Ltd. is […]

Grass to Electricity: Talk by Santosh Gondhalekar

Next PuneCleanTech event is a talk by Mr. Santosh Gondhalekar, Director of Gangotri Eco Technologies, based in Pune.  Gangotri has developed a technology to get energy from elephant grass, which they believe is the answer to India’s energy needs. As always, the talk will be interesting and informative.  We will meet on 29th Jan at […]

New Talk: Solar Thermal Technologies: October 16th

Solar Thermal Technologies and Their Applications in Energy Generation and Industrial Process Heat. This is an enlightening talk organized by PuneCleanTech and delivered by one of the most renowned experts in this field: Dr. Shireesh B. Kedare

World Energy Statistics

“Did they, did they not?” “Will they, will they not?” “Should they, should they not?” You can’t really trust BP these days but on this one, i think we should. BP just published a statistical review of world energy (mostly conventional).  A few highlights (or lowlights, depending on your outlook): – Energy consumption in emerging […]