Unique Biodiversity Walk with Dr. Erach Bharucha

Signups are now open for this event.  Only 30 people can be accommodated.  You need to pre-pay to be able to attend.  The details are in the form.  Payment deadline is 28 October.  Signup Form is here.



I assure you this is an opportunity of a lifetime!

Dr. Erach Bharucha, the phenomenal conservationist, has graciously agreed to lead PuneCleanTech members on a bio-diversity walk in the Western Ghats, a UN-recognized bio-diversity hotspot!  As I had said in the very first event, PuneCleanTech’s focus is CleanTech but its backdrop is Sustainability.  Biodiversity and its preservation is of utmost importance from that viewpoint.

The full logistical details of this trip have not been finalized yet but we have a date: October 31st!!  Yes, it’s a Sunday but hey, the beautiful (until recently) monsoon is almost over, the Western Ghats are at their best, and we get to understand their unique flora (and possibly fauna) from the Grand-daddy of Indian Biodiversity!  This is a Sunday you will cherish forever.

I have been fortunate enough to go on an impromptu walk with Dr. Bharucha.  For two hours, he explained almost every blade of grass as to what it is, why it grows where it does (and not 5 feet away from there!), what part it plays in the ecosystem, and how it helps other flora-fauna in its value chain!  At the end of that walk, munching on the wild berries that grew in the ghats, I felt an exhilaration that I’d never forget, and that was not just because of the wild berries)

Dr. Erach Bharucha is one of those best-kept secrets that Pune has.  A disciple of Dr. Salim Ali, he is an accomplished surgeon, educator, wild-life photographer, author and conservationist.  In his 45 years of conservation work, he has extensively photographed the biodiversity of ALL of India’s National Parks.  You can google him to get to know his published work on this topic which is the definitive account of Indian Biodiversity and its challenges from historical times to present day.  He continues to spread this message of conservation as the indefatigable Director of Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Environment Education and Research.

Although the walk itself is free of cost, we will all share the logistical costs: transport, meals etc.  The walk is also limited to a few people since we don’t want to trample the flora while understanding it (!) and so that everyone can cluster around Dr. Bharucha and get to hear him.  I will consult with him to decide the number.  The walk may also be somewhat strenuous, so you need to be physically fit.

I can use help with the logistics: transport, first-aid, meals (we will decide if we do common meal or people bring their own).  Those who can help with the logistics, please contact me at amparanjape  at my gmail.com address.  I’d also like to float the idea of all of us pitching money (beyond the logistics).  Although Dr. Bharucha will not charge us anything, we can express our gratitude by donating the money to a conservation effort of his choice (this is my idea, Dr. Bharucha is unaware of it, and this is not final yet)

Please stand by for more details that will be shared at our October 16 event and at this forum later.

Please do not bombard me with RSVPs until I post sign-up instructions later.



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